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12/31/27 11:59 pm


Clearance sale :

12/31/27 11:50 pm - Contribute to my personal fund ! (:


[ UPDATED : 27aug 2009 - 11.46 pm ] - PRICES REVISED!

NOTICE: EVERY ITEM (Eg. Tops, bottoms) are going for $19.90 each . AND $15 each if you were to purchase 2 items n above!


This post is shared among my girl-friends and I , so do drop by and you may actually see something that may interest you! (NOTE: Some items may look terrible in the photos but MOST or rather ALMOST everything 's actually 100% BRAND NEW  OR IN PERFECT CONDITION , unless stated!)

Accessories - EARRINGSCollapse )


BAGS , WALLETS & BELTS !Collapse )

SHOES!Collapse )

TOPS & BOTTOMS !Collapse )

VCDS & DVDS !Collapse )
Personally would rate it : 8/10 (it's kinda touching and worth the watch!)


Terms and Conditions:
1) All goods sold are non-refundable / non-exchangeable.
2) Buyer should make payment within 24hrs once confirmed.
3) POSB/DBS Bank transfer only / Meet ups are possible, only to my convenience.(certain days: Orchard areas, bishan, along NEL.. - can be discussed again.)
4) Buyer should accept slight colour difference due to different monitor's resolution.
5) We are not responsible for loss of items through normal post.
6) We will not be responsible for any wear and tear incurred on the item due to their course of daily usage.
7) All information that you provide us with will be deemed personal and will be kept confidential.
8) All clothes are in good condition and have not been worn. (NOTE: BRAND NEW BRAND NEW!)
9) All prices are in Singapore dollars.
10) Prices are Negotiable. (NOTE: NEGO NEGO NEGO , i'm usually very nice!)
11) Purchase more and a discount would be given!
12) Postal Rates are calculated separately.
13) You have your shop rules and we have ours. Dont expect us to follow your shop rules.
14) NO TRADES (NOTE: But you could tryyyyy bcos I may like your item as well!)
15) You may request for more photos or for the measurements if you're REALLY INTERESTED.
17) REPLY WITHIN 24HOURS & I mean when I mail you at 9am 17april08 , I expect a reply by 9am 18april08. 
18) PEOPLE WHO DONT REPLY WITHIN 36HOURS, Sorry but I would not waste time asking ya but the item would be put up for sale again.
19) Items sold would be removed from the site.

Feel free to email / contact us because we are nice people!
( primary email :
sparklesoflove-@hotmail.com )

By using the Site, you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions.
We reserve the right to make changes to our site and these conditions at any point of time. Hope you have a nice time shopping with us!


4/24/09 11:04 am

Hey, my group members and I are selling this for a group project. Please do support. U can also custom made your designs , just tell us what u would like (EG. Your own name) or just send us a picture and we will try our best. Vintage accessories would be coming in soon too. Do stay tune. If you are interested, can back to me at sparklesoflove-@hotmail.com =)

Prices range from SG$5.90- SG$10.
It also depends on the size , amount of beads use(eg, if the designs needs alot of beads to complete, it may be more expensive) , you may also choose the design and let us know if you would like it as a necklace , handphone strap, bag charm...etc .

Pls do support, thank you =]

* and if you are my friend, you could be entitled to a discount too.

1/11/09 11:15 pm - 2 items (: Scarletroom's Dress and a Bag

Exposed Zipper Back Dress, $28.50 mailed/Meet up Brand New


12/28/08 07:47 am - Flea-a-lot !

Btw, the flea market's confirmed! (:

NEU YEAR Flea market : 3 - 4 Jan @ Big Splash, 12 - 9 pm.

May visit the web incase you do not know the way :
http://www.bigsplash.com.sg/ - Contact Us

& yes, I hope to see all of you there (:


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